1. What's bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing with no strings attached.

Literally - bouldering doesn't use any ropes or harnesses. Climb to the top of our 16' walls, then hop off onto the cushy pads below. As an added bonus, not using ropes means you don't have to schedule a long safety lesson and pass a certification - instead you can get right to the fun part.

Bouldering is a physical test and a mental challenge.

Every climb (aka "problem") is a uniquely built to challenge your agility, strength, and mental flexibility. Some problems send you straight up, some problems send you sideways. Some problems climb up a shallow incline, some send you through the steep part of a cave! Regardless of the wall, you'll find different problems suited to every level of experience.

Bouldering is perfect for getting over a fear of heights or falling.

Our bouldering walls are covered in handholds and footholds, giving you lots of freedom to move up and down at your own pace. Frightened of falling? Our thick mats create the perfect landing surface to learn on, and climbing back down is always a safe way to avoid taking a fall. Lots of climbers start with these fears! We give you the tools to get more comfortable in a zero-pressure environment.

2. How do your problems work?


Follow your coloured holds from the START to the TOP. Grey volumes are always in: you can grab them and step on them, regardless of your climb's colour.


Tape marks the START and TOP of each climb, and the colour of the tape tells you how difficult the problem is. WHITE is easiest, PINK is hardest.


New problems are designed and built each week by our team of routesetters. Every new climb teaches new skills and builds new strength.


3. How do I get started?