Bouldering 101

Ready to try bouldering? We're ready to get you started! This 45 minute class is designed to help you get familiar with climbing, falling, and the Up The Bloc community. After this 45 minute class, you'll have learned how to:

  • fit climbing shoes

  • warm up easily

  • climb with style

  • fall gracefully

  • use climbing terminology

  • work on harder climbs

Cost: $40, day pass and rentals included

Add a one month membership + gear rentals for an additional $30.


Private Lessons

Nothing helps you break through barriers like some personal attention from an experienced teacher. Our coaches use their own methods to identify your strengths and weaknesses, and then give you feedback and actionable advice to help you see improvements fast! All coaches are booked by 1 hour sessions, which can be combined at your coach’s discretion.

$75.00 for 1 session
$275.00 for 5 sessions
$500.00 for 10 sessions

Chat with us at the front desk or contact us to book a private lesson.


Eric Hocking

Eric has been coaching climbers age 5 to 50 through recreational and competitive streams since 2015. His focus at Up The Bloc is on providing early-stage climbers with the support and education they need to make climbing a life-long habit.

With a educational background in Kinesiology and Paramedicine, Eric aims to offer practical advice by working through existing boulder problems and training tips to boost your fitness and conditioning.

Perfect for:
white circuit to purple circuit


Adam Tataryn

Adam Tataryn has been an active member of the Ontario climbing scene for over a decade as a competitor, setter, and coach. His athletes have competed all the way to the top of the national scene.

Adam coaches our youth competitive programs, as well as our adult B Team. In additional, he is an experienced route setter, having set for provincial championships in Ontario and Quebec.

Perfect for:
purple circuit to pink circuit

More coaches coming soon…



There's strength in numbers! Join the B Team and get twice-weekly training with a crew of like-minded individuals. Coach Adam Tataryn will refine and add to your climbing repertoire through classes on technique, mentality, and training.

  • Thursday, 8-11pm

  • 8 weeks

  • must be 18+ and able to climb blues

$300.00, day pass/membership not included
$250.00 for EFT/annual members

Stay tuned for future session dates and details!