Bouldering 101

Ready to try bouldering? We're ready to get you started! This 45 minute class is designed to help you get familiar with climbing, falling, and the Up The Bloc community. After this 45 minute class, you'll have learned how to:

  • fit climbing shoes

  • warm up easily

  • climb with style

  • fall gracefully

  • use climbing terminology

  • work on harder climbs

$40, day pass and rentals included
UPGRADE TO OUR WELCOME PACK: Add a one month membership + gear rentals for $30.




There's strength in numbers! Join the B Team and get twice-weekly training with a crew of like-minded individuals. Coaches Adam and Hamish will help you upgrade your climbing through classes on technique, mentality, and training.

  • Tuesdays and Thursday, 8-10pm

  • 8 weeks

  • must be 18+ and able to climb blues

$300.00, day pass/membership not included
$250.00 for EFT/annual members

Contact the front desk to register.

Private Lessons

Coming in September 2018.

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