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Bouldering is climbing with no strings attached.

Literally - bouldering doesn't use any ropes or harnesses. Climb to the top of our 16' walls, then hop off onto the cushy pads below. As an added bonus, not using ropes means you don't have to schedule a long safety lesson and pass a certification - instead, you can get right to the fun part.

Bouldering is a physical test and a mental challenge.

Every climb (aka "problem" or "bloc") is uniquely built to challenge your agility, strength, and mental flexibility. Some problems send you straight up, some problems send you sideways. Some problems climb up a shallow incline, some send you through the steep part of a cave! Regardless of the wall, you'll find different problems suited to every level of experience.

Bouldering can be as social or solitary as you desire.

Some boulderers are looking for an escape from the world, while others want an activity to enjoy with friends. Because bouldering doesn't require a partner to work safety equipment, you can boulder alone at a moment's notice. Alternatively, it also means you don't need to climb with people at your skill level: climbers of all levels can cheer each other on.



Climbs follow one colour of rock. Start at the holds marked START, and you're done when both hands are on the the hold marked TOP.

PS: You can always grab and step on gray volumes (those big geometric shapes). And don't forget: sometimes you can use the wall itself, too!


How hard is bouldering?

Bouldering is meant to be challenging, but that doesn't mean it should feel impossible! Our colour circuits make it easy to find climbs that are right for you: if you're a new climbers, start at the easy end on the white, yellow, and orange circuits. If you're a World Cup veteran, then our ultra-difficult pink circuit should keep you busy!

Do I need lots of upper body strength?

No. Some climbs will be easier if you do 100 chin-ups every morning, but you can compensate by using the rest of your body efficiently and finding creative solutions to each move. Plus, your strength will improve as you climb. One day you'll be the one cranking chin-ups before breakfast!

Heights are not my thing. How do I get down?

Our bouldering walls are covered in handholds and footholds, giving you lots of freedom to move up and down at your own pace. Frightened of falling? Our thick mats create the perfect landing surface to learn on, and climbing back down is always a safe way to avoid taking a fall. Lots of climbers start with these fears! We give you the tools to get more comfortable in a zero-pressure environment.


Climbing shoes, chalk, a water bottle, and comfortable clothes.

If you don't have your own equipment, we offer a fleet of rental shoes and chalk bags to get you started.


Can I bring my kids?

While our facility is targeted to climbers age 12 and up, your kids are welcome to join us if:

  1. They have a valid Up The Bloc waiver completed and signed by their own parent or legal guardian;
  2. Kids 11 and under are supervised by adults at a 1:1 ratio (one supervising adult for EACH child);
  3. They respect our staff, policies, members, and general atmosphere.

Eager young climbers should check out our youth programs designed specifically for them.



Our Welcome Pack includes a Bouldering 101 lesson, plus a one month membership with access to our rental shoes and chalk, for only $70. Contact us to learn more, or book your lesson now.